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Food processor scales down the cooking workload. It precisely chops the vegetable & fruits within seconds and helps an individual prepare different delicious food dishes within no time! Indubitably, one can blend healthy smoothies, chop veggies, grind oats & nuts, knead the dough, slice potatoes & beets, puree baby food, and many more. Eventually, it works wonders during family dinner and party cooking.

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Food Processors Buying Guide

Many food processors serve multi-purposes like grinding, blending, chopping, pureeing, shredding, slicing, and baking. Indeed, they prove to be a perfect kitchen partner to almost everyone. This comprehensive guide will give an insight into several technical aspects that needs considerable attention while purchasing a food processor.

The most crucial factor: Size

The most critical element that leaves everyone in a dilemma is selecting the suitable size for the food processor. The food processors are available in variant sizes ranging from 1Litre to 2Litre capacity. Precisely, food processors have a cooking capacity of six cups to around 14-15 cups. So, if someone has a large family and price is not an issue, they can undoubtedly opt for a food processor that holds 11 to 14 cups. Otherwise, a Food processor with a holding size of 6-10 cups can work pretty well for smaller families and couples. At times, people also prefer to get a food processor with a wider base. Henceforth, the size might slightly change with the structural design of the processor.

Speed specifications for the processor

Usually, food processors come with dual speed settings with normal and turbo modes. The Normal speed mode is suitable for fruits, vegetables, peppers, garlic etc. Contrarily, the turbo speed works great for chopping carrots, meat, nuts, etc. One can interchangeably switch between the two-speed modes.

Other technical features

Most food processors come with an interlock system for extra safety and security. Some food processors have a compact & lightweight design, and thus, they are portable. Every food processor comes in a discrete set with several items like a food processor bowl, blending bottle, multi-serve blades, reversible discs, dough tool, juicer, and even mixer. Some processors also have a few have manual settings. Moreover, it is recommendable to wash the food processor by hands only. However, many food processors are dishwasher friendly as well.

Containers, Lids, and Blades

Food processors comprised of big wider base containers, stiff lids, and sharp-edged blades. The processing containers & their lids are of plastic, whereas the Blades are of stainless steel. This material composition is highly preferable as stainless steel is non-degradable. The super sharp blades chops & blends very quickly and save time & effort. Overall, the blades must be sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant. In most food processors, the blade heads can get easily disassembled for washing purposes.

Motor & Power consumption

The power consumption of the electric motor may vary from brand to brand. It can lie between 500W to 1200W for different processors. At times, there is a need for cutting & chopping hard nuts and raw carrots, or kneading stiff dough, or grating hard cheese. Therefore, it is better to opt for a solid-state motor with enough strength to handle these tough chores.

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