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If you've ever been to a building construction site, you must've witnessed several big vehicles designed to move and carry heavy loads to other places. These vehicles are specially designed for this, thus reducing workforce and time. Forklifts are one of those vehicles.

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Forklifts are powerful industrial trucks used to carry heavy loads. Invented in the early 20th century, they've been handy to construction workers to lift heavy objects and sand. Forklifts come in various sizes, fitting different purposes. Forklifts are either battery-powered or come with an internal combustion engine.

Components of a Forklift

The forklift is composed of various components serving a crucial role. These components are what makes the forklift accomplish its purpose. The Truck Frame is the base of the vehicle, which holds the wheels, mast and counterweight. The weight of the loads and vehicle is balanced by a counterweight which is attached at the base. A power source fuels the forklift. The mast lifts and lowers the load vertically and horizontally. The carriage is attached to the base of the mast to ease the up and down movement. The forklift carries loads with the forks which are attached to the carriage. It comes in different sizes and shapes to carry various loads.

Forklift forks and fork extensions

The forks are the long blades that carry the loads. Loads can vary in size and numbers; sometimes, the default forks may not be enough to carry them. Thus, fork extensions are used. The extensions vary in size, length and capacity. Most of them are made of steel and can be easily slipped on top of the default fork. The fork extensions must have the same width and must not exceed 1.5x the original length.

Using forklift scoops to transport sand

Loads are not always boxes; they can also be heaps of sands and rocks. Instead of forks and their extensions, scoops are used. Scoops are shovels or buckets created to be easily attached to the forklifts used to load bulk amounts of sand, rocks, gravel etc. The scoops are also available in different sizes and volumes to suit distinct purposes.

Where are forklifts used?

For forklifts, the primary purpose of forklifts is to carry hefty loads from one place to another, even if the roads are rugged and uneven. Along with attachments, they can also carry rocks, sand, bricks etc. They are used in construction sites, warehouses, dockyards and more. Forklifts are to be operated by skilled workers for safer control. In case of repair, it should be handled by a professional.

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