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Not everybody can build pools in their home due to various reasons like space, budget, and more. But you can buy a frame pool, aka portable above ground pools to enjoy those refreshing water sessions. There are plenty of options available from which you can select the one with this guide's help.

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Portable above ground pools are an easy option to carry on a trip or vacation. Even if you are at your home and want to enjoy swimming, the best way would be to use frame pools. However, things like material, size, shape, capacity, filters, add-ons are some of the features you have to look in a frame pool.

Go through the basics first

Before you go deep into a frame pool's technical aspects, let me interrupt you by minding the basics to look first. The material and shape are the basic features you can look in a frame pool. Mostly these come with three-ply TriTech material or the PVC material. However, both of these are good for holding water inside your pool safely. The second thing is the shape of the frame pools. As you can see, they come in rectangles, circles, ovals, and many more.

The capacity of the pools

When we say capacity, we mean two things in general. One is the capacity of water that can be poured inside the frame pools. The other is the capacity of people who can be occupied inside the same. First, the capacity of water is defined in litres. Some are fewer like 6000 litres while others are as large as 16000 litres. The capacity you will buy depends on the area you have and the water supply you have. The capacity of persons also plays a vital role as it determines the size of the pools.

Examine the measurements and add-ons

As we stated above, the size of the pools and capacity go hand-in-hand. So, closely take a look at the measurements of the pools such as the height, length, and width. Other than these, examine what all you will get in the kit. Mostly you will get a frame pool, a ladder, a filter. But others also add ground cloth, pool covers, set-up, and maintenance DVDs, while some don't add anything extra.

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