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Collecting art is fun but knowing where to invest is a challenge. Select a picture with high-quality fade-resistant ink. You can get frames in a statement, abstract, and even vintage prints. Get the right size according to your wall’s dimension so that the frames can correctly make the effect you want to create.

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Framed Pictures Buying Guide

Charge your wall with artistic framed pictures that reflect your personality. Pre-framed pictures mean an expert has already picked the perfect size, colour and finish for you. The frames are carefully chosen to complement each image.  Despite all that, you have to make the effort of selecting the right finished piece for yourself.

Wood and acrylic frames

Wood frames are used in maximum framed prints. Among them, solid oak is the most favourable choice. They are versatile and durable with various mount and finishing options. Wood fit any theme and befit every artwork. Acrylic lends a more modern frame. They are available in bright colours that you won’t get in other material. Transparent acrylic grants all the attention to the main art piece. The collection of metal framed prints gives a homogenous shiny art décor. Leather frames create a class and a poised atmosphere. They may not go well along with every picture like other materials; however, they can complement the vintage and scholarly theme.

Frame style options

Framed pictures are available in frames as tiny as 10x15cm, suitable for the office, near the table walls. Small-sized frames available in sets are perfect for minimalist design.  They maintain homogeneity. If you have a particular theme in your mind, they can carry them pretty well. Canvas prints are unique with a high-end finish. The photo is injected with a distinct, specially made inkjet printer. They come in either frame or frameless form. Each print is converted into a lasting piece of art with a suitable frame.

Durable and sleek metal frames

Aluminium frames are lightweight and come in a matte black or brass finish. Metal prints are durable and suitable for modern HD photos. They look sleek and last longer than traditional wood or canvas. They come with a secure hanger. Make sure they are lacquer coated and tarnish resistant. Metal framed pictures can be found in portrait as well as landscape.

Types of picture patterns

Geometric designs are an imprint of shapes and patterns. Abstract features on lines, colours, tones and textures are showcasing colour reproduction. The artwork will please for years. In illustration prints, you can get a customized letter or quotes and names. Retro is a revival of classic or vintage images. They are represented in the form of travel posters or magazine. Photograph prints are also a common choice to settle for.

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