Top 12 Fresh Flower & Plant Sprays

House plants add a pop of colour to your home decor. They purify the air & exude a positive vibe. The lively atmosphere which they bring to your room or hall gives the entire place a serene charm. However, these green lovelies need tender love & care to grow & remain healthy as indoor areas offer limited sunshine exposure. Fresh flower & plant sprays go a long way in ensuring your plant's health.

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Fresh Flower & Plant Sprays Buying Guide

They pack in the goodness of mineral & organic nutrients, pure plant-based oils, marine extracts, pest repellents etc., which will nourish & enhance the growth of your house plants. Therefore, you need to water your plants & the rest is taken care of by these sprays.

Easy care sprays for indoor plants

Embellishing your office desk with a lovely flowering bonsai tree can add vibrance & fragrance to your place. You can also consider buying a succulent plant or cactus for adding diversity. All these plants need regular care & maintenance to prosper. Hence, you can keep a fresh flower & plant spray handy & be rest-assured regarding all the nutritional requirements.

Lawn sprays for thick green grass

Pets love the proximity to nature. Hence, they love sitting in the garden & soaking in the sunshine & fresh air. You can give your beloved pet such an experience every day by growing lush green grass in your apartment balcony itself. The lawn sprays can help you with this endeavour. You can also fix patchy laws & dry spots or dog spots in your garden. A proper system needs to be followed with appropriate watering to enable growth.

UV protection sprays for artificial plants

If you have artificial plants in your house or balcony, then these products also wither or discolour over time due to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Hence, they also demand little care to ensure quality maintenance over an extended period. Therefore, there are sprays for artificial plants that cover the leaves as a second skin & sustain their fresh look.

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