Top 12 Fresh Mushrooms

The meaty flavour of mushrooms makes for an excellent replacement for non-vegetarians while deciding to dine the vegan way. Mushrooms are loaded with vitamins and minerals to provide adequate health. Purchase mushrooms that are organic, smooth, firm, with unveiled gills, appropriately packed and stored for best results. Never cut off the air supply to your mushrooms to increase their shelf life.

Fresh Mushrooms Buying Guide

Mushrooms are the only edible fungi in the world. They are packed with the goodness of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and tons of vitamins. Add mushrooms to your regular bowl of salad or make delicious broth out of it to soak in all the nourishment.

Glance Through the World of Edible Mushrooms:

Portobello mushrooms come with a meaty flavour that acts as the best replacement for meat while going the vegan way. Cremini mushrooms are browner and more substantial in structure than button mushrooms making them a tremendous inclusion into broths. Button mushrooms are available as white and brown variants and possess a mild taste. Hedgehog mushrooms are the most attractive in the market; they come with a bright yellow cap and a fruity scent. Morel mushrooms come with a rigid exterior and nutty flavour. Porcini mushrooms have a reddish-brown cap and are an excellent choice for soups and risottos.

Let's Judge a Book by Its Cover Now:

Mushrooms that have a smooth and flawless appearance without any wrinkles on its surface are best to buy. Avoid purchasing mushrooms that appear dried out and dull instead go for fresh looking and plump ones. The flavour generated by the mushroom is decided by its gills. Veiled gills endorse a mild flavour while unveiled and exposed gills highlight a strong and richer flavour. You may purchase chopped mushrooms that can be directly added to your meals or get full-sized mushrooms to chop at your will.

Mushrooms are marketed either in plastic packaging or glass jars to preserve its freshness. Specific brands sell mushrooms in an upright container and filled with either brine or olive oil in it to retrieve the mushrooms' moisture content and preserve it for longer durations. There are dried variants also available in mushrooms, for instance, the dried porcini mushrooms. These mushrooms can be rehydrated by soaking in warm water before use. Organic, non-GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free and vegan mushrooms carry only goodness and no harmful chemicals in them.

Seal the Freshness, Feel the Goodness:

Store your mushrooms in a porous container to boost its life expectancy. It's not a great idea to freeze fresh mushrooms, but there are types accessible that can be preserved and stored in the freezer for more than a month. Clean your mushrooms with minimal water to avoid sogginess due to excess water uptake.

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