Top 12 Fresh Sardines

Having fresh seafood for lunch or dinner is the best feeling on the Earth. You can seek costly plates of pasta, creamy cakes, and chocolates. But, imagine the smell of the grilled sardine! Sounds grilling, right! But, how do you choose the fresh sardine correctly! Dive into this guide to know.

Fresh Sardines Buying Guide

Sardines are perfect for health. They contain many vitamins and nutrients like zinc, potassium, calcium, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, and more. These are known as oily fish. It has lots of small bones in its structure. You have to consider certain factors. This guide will help you buy fresh sardine.

Look for its freshness in its body

Sardines are best when eaten fresh. But, you might not know if they are fresh or old. Manufacturers might put the date of catching or something like that, but how do you know if that is true. If you are buying from fresh harbors, you can see the fish's freshness from its body. Old fishes will have a burn in their belly, which may indicate the rotten of their gut. Also, carefully check if they are mushy. If so, avoid those too.

Canned ingredients to consider

If you are buying sardines from the canned package, look for the ingredients the manufacturer has used to can the fish. For example, most of the sardines are canned along with brine solution, aka sea saltwater. Some other examples include dry sardines, sardines with tomato sauce, and more. You can select the ingredients according to the recipe you will try.

Do you need scales, bones in your can?

Sardines are packed with a scale-free package. This means that they are free from scales and they are cleaned. Most manufacturers do this. However, if you also want the bones to be removed, then look for filleting. Filleting removes significant bones. But, the small ones might be present.

Package information and best before

The canned sardines can be stored in the freezer after their first use. However, if you want them to stay fresh longer, you have to transfer the food to another air-tight container. This information might be provided in the packaging. Best-before is also the same. Best-before lies in the way you store them after use, mostly. Hope this guide was useful.

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