Top 12 Frozen Chips & Potatoes

Chips with hot curd rice or chips with a cup of beer? Let it be anything; chips go well with almost anything in the universe. You can select chips and fries from thousands of brands available in the market. So, it is our duty to help you find the perfect one to snack.

Frozen Chips & Potatoes Buying Guide

Chips and fries come in a variety of shapes. They are ranging from classic sliced chips to crinkle cut and curly fries. There are three most important factors to choose when purchasing your snack. They are sodium content, flavor, and extra features, which will be discussed later in this buying guide.

Consider the sodium content

Sodium is almost felt as a not-so-good option in foods nowadays. People on a diet are probably found decreasing the levels of sodium from their diet. It is not only for dieters but also for everybody. High levels of sodium may increase risks in heart and blood pressure. So try to avoid as much as you can if you want to live healthily. So, try to avoid chips and potatoes that have a high amount of sodium.

Flavor and packaging of the chips and fries

When it comes to flavor, there are almost a dozen features to look for. There are vegan chips, meat chips, seaweed chips, hummus chips, and more. If you are a vegetarian, then try to look for 'vegan' in the packaging. Other than that, the flavors of the chips also depend on the ingredients used. And talking about the packaging, make sure the packet is fluffy. It ensures that nitrogen is packed inside correctly, and there is no tear. If the package is thin, then your chips might rot soon.

What are the additional features?

The additional features to consider when purchasing frozen chips and potatoes are the thickness. Somebody likes thick fries. At the same time, some do not like thick and heavy fries. So, you can choose the thickness of the fries. The second thing is how you want your potatoes to be packaged. It comes in fries, wedges, pancake mixes, whole mashed potatoes, hash browns, and also potato is not just that savory taste. It also comes in a sweet potato flavor. Hope this guide helped you!

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