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Developed and released by Nintendo, the Game Boy is an 8-bit handheld console, a groundbreaking invention in the history of video games. The immensely popular game system inspired many other video game manufacturers. Although Nintendo ceased the production of the console and its successors in 2003, the Game Boy accessories are still much in demand amongst existing users.

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The Nintendo Game Boy console is cherished by every gamer around the world. And hence it has been retained by many, by collecting compatible accessories and parts, without letting the console solely become a thing of past.

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The Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer are accessories that work together. The camera takes the black and white digital images using the colour palette of the console. The printer uses heat-sensitive paper to ‘burn’ saved images from the Game Boy camera to make hard copies. It is a jovial and light-hearted fun thing to do for the lovers of Game Boy. To connect the printer and some other accessories to the console, one would need a Game Link Cable.

Cables that are compatible with the many Game Boy systems like Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket Games and Game Boy itself are widely available. The ‘2-player’ game link cable can be used to connect two consoles to enjoy multiplayer gaming. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries compatible for all Game Boy systems are also manufactured.

Shielding the Game Boy

As the original Nintendo Game Boy systems users have might be old, there are many replaceable body parts available. The full housing shell for the Game Boys that come with screen lens and buttons is one such. It is of importance to buy such shells made of durable and sturdy material like ABS. It comes in a wide range of colours. Parts of the covering are also available individually, like the battery cover case and glass screen lens.

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