Top 12 Game Boy Color Games

Game boy colour has been one of the favourite pastimes for kids. Also known as GBC, this gaming platform can support hundreds of games. With plenty of incredible games available on the market, your kid might find it laborious to decide which would be the best one to play.

Game Boy Color Games Buying Guide

Game boy colour is one of the most popular gaming platforms worldwide. Even though Nintendo discontinued the console in 2003, its games are still available on the market. From Mario to Pokemon, developers made hundreds of games that gamers still like to play. People who still have their game boy colour either play with it or pass it on to their kids. However, you might be wondering which game is the best, with so many games out there to play. This buying guide will assist you in purchasing the best game boy colour games from a wide range of choices.

What genre do you like? 

When you buy games for your game boy colour or any console, it all comes down to what genre you like the most. There are plenty of genres available for game boy colour, and each one has hundreds of games. You can find adventure games such as Harry Potter, puzzle games like Tetris, and action-packed games like Duke Nukem. You may also discover a set of game boy games containing all genres. If you buy the game for your kid, ask them about their favourite genres and go for it.  

Compatibility of the game 

Whichever game you are purchasing, make sure that it is compatible with game boy colour. Since the Game Boy Family has several consoles, you will have to select the game carefully. However, some games can run on every Game Boy Family console, such as Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket, and Classic Game Boy. All you have to do is check whether you can play the game on game boy colour or not. This way, you can avoid going through the return/refund process.  

Single-player versus multiplayer games

Game boy colour can run single and multiplayer games. If you are into adventure or action games, a single-player video game will be the ideal choice. However, if you want to play with your sibling or friend, you can look for dual player games. For such games, you have to connect your device with another using a cable.   

Go through customer reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a whole lot about a game than any random website. People who have purchased and played the game post their opinions on the internet to give other gamers a heads up. You can go through these customer reviews and check out other people's views on a particular game. It will help you make the right choice while buying games for your game boy colour.