Top 12 Game Boy Games

Game boy games gained huge popularity and went on to become one of the bestselling games of Nintendo R&D1. It continues to be relevant even today with the wide variety of games that it offered. Game boy games featured popular titles that had a huge impact in the gaming world. It offered an extraordinary on-the-go gaming experience that people enjoyed. Considering a large number of options available, choosing one would be challenging in the absence of a guide.

Game Boy Games Buying Guide

Game boy games had incredible software that ensured their longevity in the market. This portable device was designed to relax on a hectic day and engaged the children during their leisure hours. It is an 8-bit handheld device with an LCD monochrome screen that was seen as a limitation initially. However, it consumed less power and proved as a strength in the long run. This guide will walk you through the variants of game boy games available to help you pick the one perfect for you.

Highlights of game boy games

Game boy games do not consume much power and therefore have extended battery life. It is a durable handheld console and can be repaired easily. An exclusive game library is available, including Super Mario Land, Kirby's dream land, Prince of Persia, Jurassic park, Streetfighter 2, Star wars, etc. The game boy is affordable compared to its contemporaries and traces back a lineage of the Game boy series. It allows a multiplayer option with the help of a link cable as long as players have the same games. Tetris has been one of the most sought-after games that popularised game boy even more.

Technical specifications of Game Boy

It is a high-speed handheld device that uses an 8 kb internal S-RAM. 2.6 inches is the size of the screen diagonally and offers a high resolution with a maximum sprite size of 8*16 and a minimum of 8*8. Batteries of 4 AA ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience. Four audio channels are used to put out the sound, each with a 4-bit sound. Noise channels need to be unambiguous to produce the desired effect. Hence two pulse wave channels are integrated, one wave channel that provides soft-synth and a white noise channel for percussion and ambience.

Variations in the hardware

The classic version with the grey colour is the most famous and widely recognised hardware of all times. Play it Loud was red coloured and just a revamped version of the original one, but it still managed to stimulate the interest of the players. Game Boy Pocket was sized down to fit into the hands or pocket incorporated with a sharper screen. Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 were introduced later, which evolved in their interface and physical appearance.

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