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Arbours give an aesthetic and romantic look to the garden. Garden arbours or also known as arches, are vertical structures in a garden. They are to support climbing plants and also serve as a shade. A large garden can contain more than one garden arbours.

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Garden Arbours Buying Guide

Arbours for the garden come in a variety of styles. The styles can be made to order or purchased ready-made in the store. They're made of wood, metal, and other materials. This outdoor design construction gives the garden an attractive, serene appearance. The garden arbours also serve as a gate to the garden. In this article, we will be viewing the different arbour styles.

Why install garden arbours?

Typically, a garden consists of plants, trees and flowers. Garden arbours are a great pick if you want to improve the aesthetics of your garden. Planting a climbing plant near the arbour can serve as a support and also enhances the overall look. They can be placed in any part of the garden. Installing garden arbours are easy. Dig a hole, place the arbour, fill it up with cement to secure its position. Once the concrete dries, voila, there's your garden arch. In special events like weddings, these arbours can be seen at the entrance. So, garden arbours are not only garden decorations. They are used on special occasions too.

Garden arbour materials

Arbours are primarily available in wood and metal. Wooden arbours can blend well with the natural environment but are prone to insect damage and rotting. Wooden arbours made of cedar can last longer. For a romantic look, metal arches are the best option. Metal arbours are widely available. They are also durable, and most are coated with corrosive resistant paint so they can last longer. Vinyl garden arbours are also available. They're also insect-resistant and corrosion-resistant. They can't be painted, so the buyer should choose the colour they like.

Garden arch styles to enhance your garden

Garden arbours come in different sizes and shapes. The size can be chosen based on the buyer's preference. On the styles, decorative metal arbours, as the name suggests, are great for ornamentation. They are great for growing flower plants like roses. The cottage garden arbours are made of wood. Similar to decorative, they are used for scented climbers like rose, jasmine. Contemporary arbours are more comprehensive in size.  They are ideal for garden entrances rustic arbours add to the tranquilly of the garden. Wall arbours are fixed to a wall.  Flowers adorn the arches on the walls. They can make an enchanting pathway or can be fixed in a place that appears to be bleak. Final note, buy good quality arbours that can last longer.