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In the recent past, gardens and patios have increasingly become popular as a means for a vacation. Indeed, with limited options outdoors for gatherings, people are creating their own little leisure spaces in their yards. A quintessential element for any garden is an awning, made to provide shade and comfort to space. If you want to turn your garden into a place for meet-ups and hangouts, this guide will help you choose the right awning to make it happen.

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Garden Awnings Buying Guide

Garden awnings, in simple terms, are protective canopies for your balcony, patio or deck, as well as window gardens. They safeguard your furniture, sensitive vegetation and potted plants from harsh weather conditions like heat, UV rays, rain and snow. Your metal furniture will no longer be overheated, nor will the cushions fade. With the right awning, you will be tempted to spend even a summer afternoon in your garden as it lowers the temperature underneath.

Measurement is the key

Inarguably, the most important element in choosing the right garden awning is its size. But unlike with other products like clothing, awnings need to be bought a size higher. It is crucial since the position of the sun changes throughout the day. Adequate shading from all sides here refers to a larger coverage area. Side flaps also offer greater protection. When choosing flaps, it is advised to look for designs that suit your garden and home. While a scalloped hem gives off peppy, warm vibes, a straight hem would be appropriate for a neat contemporary architecture.

What's in the shield?

After deciding on the size, one must look for how protective the awning is. And that is mostly dependent on the material used. Awnings have to be UV-resistant unless your patio is surrounded by foliage. Lighter colours are better for open spaces as they reflect sunlight, while darker colours absorb and emit heat. Waterproof materials are necessary to prevent water and snow from dampening the awning. Though natural materials are not waterproof, some go for cotton with an acrylic coating to make them water-resistant. Vinyl is highly efficient for climates with frequent rains. Polyester is your best pick for maximum durability.

The use and design

There will be differences in the design of awnings concerning the use. While many awnings are made of light fabrics for larger spaces like patios and balconies, smaller and sturdier structures are also produced, like window awnings and entryway awnings for doors. Since they are less likely to be removed often, they are typically not retractable and are made of materials like solid polycarbonate sheets. They need to have a seamless build to prevent any leakage. Regardless of the design, all awnings must have a strong frame to hold them, with well-built torsion bars and rollers.

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