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As beautiful as garden furniture looks, they damage faster than other furniture. The garden furniture damage rate is high because it spends most of its life fighting against harsh weather conditions. To maintain the beauty of garden benches, one must ensure to cover them with a proper cover. It is not as simple to buy as it looks; many technicalities are present in buying the right garden bench cover. This buying guide on garden bench covers aims to give you all the appropriate information to purchase the best one for your furniture.

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Garden Bench Covers Buying Guide

The weather outside the house is not very kind. This fact manifests itself in the early damage of garden benches because of various weather elements like sun, wind, rain and snow. Garden bench covers act as the first line of defence and protects garden benches from the harsh climate. While buying the right garden bench cover, your bench's geographical location and size play a vital role along with many other factors. Go through this guide to understand what you need to know to purchase cover for your garden furniture.

Consider your location

There are a plethora of garden bench covers available in the market. While searching for the right bench cover, keep your geographical location or the climate in mind. In tropical conditions, where the weather is humid throughout the year, water-repellant covers are ideal. They work as a barrier against the moisture and the bench material. Ventilation vents further increase the protection from humidity. Similarly, if you come from a region where storms are a common occurrence, you would like to go for covers with double stitched seams that prevent ripping and tearing of covers.

What size of the cover should you buy?

The size of the cover should be proportionate to that of your garden bench. Failing at which will mean compromising at its efficiency. It is essential to take the measurements like height, width and length of the furniture with a reliable instrument.  A too-big cover will not provide proper protection as humidity could easily pass from the space between the cover and the bench. On the other hand, a small cover won't even fit on the garden bench, so it is no use to buy a cover that lies on the smaller side of the scale.

Other things to consider

Try to buy a garden bench cover from the same store you purchased your garden chair. These stores manufacture covers in proportion to the size of the furniture they sell. Doing this ensures a proper fitting of the garden bench cover enhancing its protective properties. Also, consider covers that feature fastening methods to prevent blowing away in case of high winds. Consider buying a thick bench cover that can modulate the temperature; too much sunlight can quickly damage the furniture..

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