Top 12 Garden Furniture Covers

Gardens are places filled with feelings of serenity and joy. Sitting in the garden to gaze at the night sky, read books, sip tea, or zone out, escaping from reality. One can do many activities whilst sitting in the garden. Still, not everyone prefers lying on the ground to perform those activities, so benches and sofas are kept in gardens. Before going back in, covering the furniture with covers should not be skipped.

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Garden Furniture Covers Buying Guide

Furniture is essential for making the most of your yard space. Benches, sofas, and relaxer chairs provide comfort and relaxation. Large furniture like dining sets and sofa sets are highly seen in a garden that organises seasonal tea parties. Family get-togethers etc.  The furniture can be made of wood, metal—specially designed to blend well with the background. Before going back inside, covering the furniture is a must.

Why does furniture need to be covered?

Indoor furniture is always indoors. Garden furniture is always outdoors, unprotected from pests, weather and any other possible damage. If you're leaving town for a time, cover the furniture to minimise the risks stated above. At night insects may come out and stay inside the furniture, this is usually unnoticeable to our eyes. These insects can cause damage to the furniture material. Sudden rain and extreme winds also make the furniture prone to dirt and debris. In places that experience winter climate, the furniture needs to be covered before the winter arrives.

How to choose a furniture cover?

Choosing the right cover is an easy task. Before purchasing a cover, one must first measure the furniture. Nowadays, covers are available for specific furniture like sofa covers, bench covers etc. The covers come in polyester, cotton, leather. They are extremely lightweight and durable. The covers come with pull cords or firm elastic bottoms, which fits the cover on the furniture. The buyer needs to make sure that the cover is made of a good quality material that is water-resistant, pest resistant and fully covers the whole furniture. 

Before covering the furniture

Some tend to cover the furniture before the rainy or winter season arrives. At those times, the furniture is rarely used. So, wash the furniture. Apply insect repellents, and leave them to dry. Cover the furniture altogether to avoid water or snow get through uncovered areas. If the cover is seen too dirty or wet, the owner must wash them in the morning, dry it completely, and cover it over the furniture.