Top 12 Garden Furniture Cushions

Whether you are enjoying a glass of lemonade on a breezy summer day or hosting a garden party for neighbours, comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture are quintessential equipment that enriches your living space. While benches are essential pieces for your patio, balcony or garden, it is the cushioning that makes them cosy enough for you to keep coming back and be soaked by nature. This guide will help you in choosing the right cushions for your furniture garden.

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Garden Furniture Cushions Buying Guide

It goes without saying that comfort is the most significant aspect to look for when purchasing a cushion for furniture. However, garden furniture demands more features to be efficient and long-lasting, unlike your living room sofa.

Where is the furniture placed?

Before shopping for garden furniture cushions, you must ask yourself where you will keep them and if you are willing to clean them often. If you use the cushion on a swing or a bench under a tree, the falling foliage, sap or other elements could stain or ruin the cushion. You may also be living in a region where rains are frequent. In that case, waterproof and abrasion-resistant fabrics are crucial, although you may go for different options if you are okay with taking the cushion back every time after its use.

The covers and fills

There is a wide variety of materials and fabrics used in making garden furniture cushions. The choice depends on your unique needs and preferences. A cotton cover is naturally breathable, affordable and comfortable. However, it is not resistant to mildews or spillage, making it too vulnerable to leave on the furniture when not in use. Polyester is an excellent pick for outdoor use as it is easy to clean and is resistant to mildew and stretches. Sunbrella is perhaps the best choice as it is mildew and fade resistant as well as chlorine safe. However, it is an expensive fabric.The filling for the cushions can range from polyester fill to Dacron. Dacron is excellent for cushions as they stay firm and give maximum support. Polyester also gives much fluff, but it flattens out quickly. Foam can come in many different ranges of thickness and density, and you may choose the desired amount of fluff accordingly.

Other features to consider

When it comes to garden furniture cushioning, many other elements may be needed to be ensured. For example, some cushions may require ties to fasten it properly around the bench to make sure that it won't slide, slip or fall. Some of you may also use the cushion for back support in other furniture; thus, it needs to be multifunctional. Fade-resistant dyes are preferred by many for the fabric.