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Hose reels are cylindrical spindles made out of alloy, glass fibre, or plastic used to stock up a hose. The most usual manners of hose reels are spring driven type or motor-driven type. They are categorized by diameter and length when distinguishing.

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The hose reels can be either fixed to one location permanently like the wall-mounted hose reels, or they can be transportable and attached to a vehicle. Different types of hose reels are garden hose, fire hose, and hose irrigation. Hose reels are a vital part of every garden and yard. Keeping your hose reel clean and tidy is very important. An automatic retractable hose reel is suitable if you are tired of winding and unwinding again and again.

Fast watering system

The garden hose reel provides a high-speed watering system with auto rewind hose reel springing, automatically retracting the hose back into its casing without kinks or tangles in its way. This automated machine is straightforward and easy to use for a beginner and would make your job easier and faster.

Reaches every corner

This distinctive casing of the hose reel is an extra-long 30 m hose that allows reaching every area and corner of the garden to provide every area with water. It steadily opens and mechanically bolts in its place, leaving no hassle. It comes along with a winding reel and an integral handle to hold.

Standard functions of the hose reel

The hose reel provides a standard nozzle and a spray gun to spray the water in the garden evenly. It is easy to modify the water design to gear up with your tasks. It is a child's play to attach and detach the machine. The Product has a tight weave design.

Mounting of the hose reel

The hose reel can be easily mounted on the wall; the Product comes along with all the mounting instructions. The Product measures 46.5x22.5x46.5cm (LXWXH). Once the hose reel is mounted on the wall, the Product offers additional maneuverability with a 180-degree pivot.

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