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Gardening is one of the noblest ways of embracing nature. When you see the lush green grass growing & the beautiful flowers blooming & swaying with the cool breeze, you automatically tend to forget all your stress & become one with nature. Thus, gardening aids in mental peace & also improves physical health. Many gardening tools come in handy. Garden hoses being one of them.

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Watering your garden is the most crucial aspect of maintenance which needs to be done daily or at least every alternate day. Hence, the garden hoses become very vital tools. The regular garden pipes get tangled easily & restrict the flow of water. Additionally, if you have a big garden, then manoeuvring becomes a tedious task with the pipe getting stuck at places. They also don't ensure use over an extended time as these pipes are prone to holes. Therefore, garden hoses ergonomically designed to overcome all these problems. A look into their features will help you make a proper selection.

Dimensions plus the shrink & stretch qualities

Consider the space in your garden, accordingly buy the garden hose that fits all your watering needs. It is not advisable to buy a hose which is way too longer than you require, otherwise you will have to lift the heavy hose & move around the garden un-necessarily. Hence, there are garden hoses that triple in size while watering & shrinks away during storage. These variants can be your best bet as you can easily reach every inch of your lawn or yard with ease. Additionally, the wider the inside diameter of the hose, the more water it will carry.

Variety of spray modes

If you are watering a delicate creeper or a miniature rose plant, then the water's pressure has to be lighter so that it doesn't cause any harm to the plant. If you try to clean the leaves by watering them, you will have to use your fingers to reduce the water pressure. Therefore, considering such situations, it is preferable to buy the garden hoses that come with a versatile nozzle to accommodate different spray modes. The spray modes like mist & shower work perfectly for tender plants & shrubs.

Excellent for bathing your pets or outdoor cleaning

Garden hoses serve a variety of other purposes as well. If you have pets at home, then you can comfortably bathe them in your backyard using these hoses. The combination of spray modes are ideal for your pet & he will enjoy his bathing time. You can also clean your doors or outdoor windows using the garden hoses. If you plan to have a rooftop party, then these products will help you clean in making the rooftop spic & span within no time.

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