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Garden nets are nets used to cover vegetables and fruits in the garden to protect them from damaging elements like insects and termites. Most garden nets can protect the crops from various harms like locusts and unnecessary dust particles while ensuring an adequate supply of sunlight. These nets can also allow irrigation.

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Garden Netting Buying Guide

Whether one is a farmer growing crops for a living or whether one maintains gardens as a hobby, it is true that whenever there is a growth of a flower or a vegetable or any fruit, it is a matter of great joy and celebration. Moreover, for farmers growing crops on a large scale, the crops are extremely precious and are the only source of their livelihood. Unfortunately, the crops that grow in the fields or the flowers and fruits that grow in the garden are susceptible to damaging elements like locusts and insects that eat up the crops.

Why use garden nets?

It takes a tremendous amount of effort to grow crops, and there is a lot of waiting involved. Hence, even the smallest outgrowth of crops is a matter of celebration. It would be unfortunate to see the outgrowth of crops wasted to something as trivial as locusts or insects. Hence, to protect the crops from such damaging elements, garden nets are erected over them. The garden nets have small holes too small to let in insects but large enough not to block sunlight. They act as an assurance to the crops protection and give much needed mental peace to the farmers.

Why are garden pegs necessary?

In installing garden nets, certain tools like garden pegs are used. These garden pegs are small, hoop-like structures that are used to install garden nets over the crops. Using garden pegs make the whole installation process of garden nets easy. However, buyers must ensure that the garden pegs that they are buying be galvanized. Since most garden pegs are made of ferrous metals for strength, they are prone to rust. Non-ferrous metals are not strong enough for holding nets. Hence, garden pegs are made of ferrous metals and are galvanized to prevent rusting issues.

Choosing the correct shade length

One of the first things to do before buying a garden net is determining the type of plant that needs protection. Different types of plants require different degrees of sunlight and shade. Hence, no one net is suitable for all plants. For instance, for vegetables, a shade of fifty per cent is required. Hence, one must only purchase a net that provides fifty per cent shade. More shade is required for ferns and orchids, and hence, a seventy per cent shade plant will be suitable for the purpose. For other plants, a shade between forty and sixty per cent is suitable.

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