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Garden screening is essential for your garden for various reasons. With drastic growth in population and lack of space, most of us have small gardens. It is challenging to organise the little space we have in the right manner so that everything looks appealing to visitors' eyes, and none of our efforts goes in vain. Garden screening not only prevents your garden from your neighbour's eyes but also give it a more organised look. If you plan to buy a garden privacy screen, here's a buying guide to assist your cause.

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Garden Privacy & Protective Screens Buying Guide

Choosing a screen for your garden can be very hectic at times. Not everything that looks good can be right for your garden because you must consider various other significant factors before buying a garden screen rather than just the design. Proper screening can improve your garden's looks and improve your relationships with your neighbours. Refer to this buying guide to know all the features that garden privacy and protective screen must have to protect your garden.

What is the right height for the protective screen?

We must ensure that privacy and organising are not our only motive behind getting a garden screen; it is also there for our garden's safety. If our screen is too high, it can be a barrier for sunlight to enter our garden, and it may lead to a lack of chlorophyll in our plants. If it is too low, then there's a chance that the stray animals might enter your garden. Hence, we should take care of the height of the screen. It should be neither too high to block anything nor too low to be attacked by unwanted entities.

Easy to install and versatile

Gardening is a real stress buster, and people keep on trying new things with their gardens; hence, the space organisation also keeps changing. In such a situation, a permanent screening can be problematic and a barrier to our creativity. One can always choose versatile and easy to install screenings for their garden as their installation needs no extra paid labour, and we can move them as per our wish and requirement. Versatile and easy to install protective screens allow us to change our garden settings to utilise the space properly.

Durable and mite proof

Varieties of garden privacy screenings are available in the market; manufacturers make them with different materials like metal, wood, plastic or fibre. Besides the looks and design, we must also ensure that we choose the right material. The metal screening must assure guarantee against rusting and chipping while wooden screens must be mite proof. Similarly, the plastic and fibre material must be toxin-free and capable of resisting strong wind. It is a bonus point if the material is dust-resistant, i.e. the dust should not stick on the surface. We should look for a product that can protect our garden for a reasonable period without harming our environment.

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