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Garden stakes support plants so that they can stay intact and grow strong and healthy. They often add to the garden's beauty; if not, they mostly blend into it at least. The height and material of the garden stake should be chosen based on how tall the plant is and what are you looking for in a stake.

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Any gardener will know that no two plants are the same. One prefers to be exposed to the sunlight directly; the other might prefer to lurk in the shadows. One loves the rains while the other thrives in drier weather. The wind strengthens most while a few are harmed by it. Every plant needs to have its conditions for survival met. Hence, for the tall or delicate ones who can’t withstand strong gusts of wind, you will need garden stakes. This equipment is well-known amongst gardeners. Tall plants often get their stems snapped due to the wind or simple growth. Garden stakes provide them with a vertical post to cling to. Tomatoes, hibiscus, melons, pumpkins, and cucumbers, amongst many other plants, need staking.

What is the stake made of?

Garden stakes are popularly made of wood, bamboo, metal, or plastic. Garden stakes can be made of almost all kinds of wood; they preserve the natural look of the garden. Wood and wood composite stakes usually last for a single season but are resilient. However, they tend to get cracks themselves. Bamboo garden stakes are an eco-friendly option. They are durable and increase the visual appeal of your garden. Metal plant stakes make for solid supports. They can last several seasons as well. Plastic stakes are convenient; however, check the exact composition before using them. If proper care is not taken, harmful chemicals can leach into the ground. They are reusable and cost-effective.

Height of the stake

Garden stakes of different heights are sold. Which one you require depends on the current size of the plant. You can find short plant stakes approximately 30 cm long; they can support small plants in pots and shrubs. You can find plant stakes as long as 10 feet, too; these are obviously for the tallest plants. Check the thickness as well. Very short stakes will probably have a similarly short diameter. Bamboo stakes tend to be thicker at one end and less thin on the other, so take that into note as well.

Examine the build

Some stakes have sharpened points on both ends so that planting them into the ground is easier. If you are looking at metal stakes, check if they are resistant to rust. Some are coated with green paint for camouflage. Make sure that it is not toxic and that it doesn’t fade away quickly.

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