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If you have a garden, you would probably need a garden twine and twist ties to join two or more plants or hang plant pots or other uses. These garden twine can also be used for other applications like packaging, gifting, and so on. Select the right one through this guide.

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Garden Twine & Twist Ties Buying Guide

Garden twine and twine ties are made using many different materials. It also comes in various aspects and characteristics. You can select the one according to your needs and applications. Some factors like size, thickness, colour, ply are all discussed in the guide below. Without further hustle, let's start fast!

The material of the twine

As you might be thinking now, garden twines are only made using jute; then you're probably mistaken. Garden twine and twist ties are made with various materials like natural jute, polyethene, cotton, plastic-coated wire ties, plastic compound, and more. Each will have different applications with the material used. On the other hand, the twist ties are made with soft material on the outside, preventing the plants from getting hurt and breakage.

Technical specifications of garden twine

The technical specifications of garden twine and twist ties include the thickness and length. The thickness varies to manufacture. Many sizes of thickness are available, like 3m, 6m, and more. Another factor to look for is food safety if you plan to use these in your bakery or your meat turfing. Please make sure they are food safe. One more additional factor is the twine ply, where 2-ply, 3-ply, 6-ply twines are available. The ply is the layers of the twine. So, the higher the ply, the durable the twine is.

Other additional features to consider

So, what else do you think you need to consider when buying garden twine and twist ties? Ensure they are environmentally friendly so that you don't want to have the guilt of damaging the environment. Also, check for its durability with the thickness. Again, as said above, the twine comes in a variety of colours and designs. If you don't prefer any colours or designs, you can opt for the plain natural ones. Or, if you want colourful ones, there are options available for it too. We hope this guide helped you buy the appropriate one for your gardening need.

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