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To keep the garden attractive and healthy, one must keep an eye on the plants and trim them regularly. A good gardening saw will help you ensure that your garden looks healthy and stays healthy in the long run. While buying a garden saw that is most suitable for your garden, there are many things to consider. This buying guide on gardening saws aims to help you in purchasing one without much hassle.

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Gardening Saws Buying Guide

What's more beautiful than a green garden? A pruned garden. An out of shape garden could be a deal-breaker. Pruning garden plants make your garden more attractive and benefit your plants regarding their health and productivity. When it comes to trimming a branch or a trunk that is more than 3.81 inches in diameter, it is wise to use a gardening saw. With many available options in the market, it could be challenging to choose the most suitable gardening saw for your garden. Shed your attention to these points before considering to buy one.

Different types of gardening saws in the market

There are a variety of saws available in the market according to everyone's needs. The folding saw is easily portable and ideal for someone who needs to carry their saw around. The best folding garden saw would be 6 to 8 inches long as it fits into the pocket perfectly and cuts through almost anything. For people, looking for a more rigid saw can go for non-folding gardening saw. These saws are longer, and as there is no hinge between the blade and the handle, they are more rigid. If you don't need to cut branches at a height, these saws are perfect. But if you need work with higher parts, a pole saw would be suitable for you.

Straight or curved?

Gardening saws are either straight or curved. A straight saw is suitable for light work like trimming a green wood or a sap. A 10 inch model of the straight gardening saw should prune branches of around 4 or 5 inches. Within the range of your shoulder and waist, straight saws are the right choice. For a more heavy job, one should go for curved gardening saws. The curve adds to the toughness, and there are rugged razor tooth blades that can stay stable and gripped during strong pull-push movements; it gives better and accurate results. They are better to use for cutting wood over the head because of the power stroke they provide.

The teeth and grip of the saw

Ideal gardening saw should leave clean cuts behind. A clean-cut is the one that doesn't leave any ragged edges or torn barks; the teeth of the blade decides how clean a slit is going to be. Clean cuts are better for a plant's health. Handle and grip are the essential parts of any gardening saw. The handle should be well-attached to the blade, and the grip should be firm and non-slip.

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