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Gas barbecues are barbecue machines that can be used for barbecue cooking. Unlike traditional barbecues that run on coal, gas barbecues run on LPG or other forms of liquefied cooking gas. Since they run on gas, it is more convenient to cook barbecue because of the resultant tidiness, unlike coal barbecues.

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Gas Barbecues Buying Guide

Grilling is a much better way to cook than frying because of the immense health benefits that grilling offers. Cooking over an open fire cooks the meat faster and reduces the need to add extra oil when cooking, making the cooking healthier. Moreover, consuming barbecue cooked foods results in a much lesser caloric intake than oil-cooked foods. However,  traditional barbecue stoves run on coal, and it can become difficult and messy to prepare the stove for cooking. Moreover, if the wrong coal type is used, the resultant fumes can damage the food and harm a person’s health if consumed.

Why gas barbecues instead of traditional barbecues?

There are scores of benefits that gas barbecues offer, which traditional barbecues do not offer. The coal for traditional barbecues is a little expensive. Hence, one cannot cook barbecue regularly because the fuel costs may pinch the budget. However, the fuel for gas barbecues is relatively cheaper and easier to procure.  It takes considerably lesser time to preheat in gas barbecues. While it takes almost thirty minutes to preheat a traditional barbecue, gas barbecues require only ten minutes to preheat. Finally, gas barbecues are easier to clean because they don’t leave a residue like coal barbecues.

What is the correct grill size required?

To determine the correct barbecue size, one must first determine the number of family members at home and buy according to the family size. The size will naturally be larger in larger families or if the buyer frequently invites guests for dinner. For instance, the average starting size for a gas barbecue is four hundred square inches, which is sufficient for a family of three to four members. For larger families, a five hundred square inch barbecue is suitable. However, a six hundred square inch barbecue would be a suitable option for a large joint family or in restaurants.

Temperature and flame control

The buyer must test the temperature and flame control mechanisms and knobs thoroughly before zeroing in on a barbecue. Different meats require to be cooked in different temperature and flame settings. Hence, not all barbecues are suitable for all the different types of meats because of the placement of the burners and minimum temperatures. Hence, one must buy a comprehensive barbecue stove that can accommodate the cooking of all types of meats.  Also, many barbecues come with a built-in thermostat to maintain the internal temperature so that the meats can be cooked to perfection.

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