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No outfit, formal or casual, is complete without the right footwear. Even though different occasions call for differently styled shoes, some turn out to be more popular than others. With the fashion industry evolving every day, there are hardly any footwear designs that last longer, but one exception, in this case, are Mary Jane shoes. The name comes from a beloved comic character from the 1900s – Mary Jane, who wore the same shoes and this style was and even today is loved by little girls.

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Girls' Mary Jane Shoes Buying Guide

Mary Jane shoes, also sometimes referred to as bar shoes, are simple but elegant in style and are even part of school uniforms for girls in some places. One reason why Mary Jane shoes became a must-have for girls was that they are quite comfortable to wear, especially with socks. The footwear pairs well with all sorts of clothing and are found in many variations, including several colours, heel, and fastening options – making it an excellent purchase. However, before buying Mary Jane shoes for girls, buyers should keep certain features in check, that this guide will point out.

Leather or Synthetic Shoes?

When buying girls’ Mary Jane shoes, buyers will typically find the outer construction to be one among leather and synthetic. A major difference between the two is that while leather is a natural material, synthetic is human-made, but that is not all that matters. Leather is a popular choice among people, especially for shoes, and the reason behind it is comfort, durability, and easy maintenance. However, even synthetic materials are an excellent choice as they are softer and lightweight compared to leather and are also more breathable, making it all the more suitable for girls.

Good Sole Quality is Essential

We may not always realise this, but the construction and design of a shoe sole ultimately help us make a choice as any footwear’s purpose is to provide support and comfort while walking. Whether you are buying girls’ Mary Jane shoes for casual wear, party wear, or even for school, it is vital to ensure it has a high-quality and skid-resistant or anti-slip sole. A rubber or gum rubber sole is an excellent choice as it offers maximum comfort and stability.

Additional Features to Keep in Mind

Although all Mary Jane shoes look the same, they differ based on their closure style, and the most common options include buckles, loops, and Velcro straps. All three are good options, but a loop or fastening Velcro closure may be easier for smaller girls. The footwear must also have a comfortable and cushioned in-sole to prevent pain or discomfort when worn for long. Buyers can even choose the heel height, shoe width, and design as per their preference.  

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