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Girls tights have gained much popularity in recent decades because of their smooth, sleek, and stylish designs. Girls usually prefer wearing tights during a cluster of events like dance, gymnastics, yoga, bike riding, sports activities, or even casual wear. Both beginners and professionals can choose tights as an essential part of their clothing wear. It’s a universally acknowledged fact that every woman’s closet has at least one pair of tights. Most of us buy a pair of tights paying no attention to detail, but once you start looking for leggings that specifically meet your needs, you’ll never go back, and that’s what this guide aims to help you do!

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Girls' Tights Buying Guide

Girls tights have an exclusive collection of colours and sizes. Moreover, they frequently overpower leggings as tights are sheer-layered body sheathing piece covering the waist right to the toes. But, selecting an ideal pair of tights often become an uphill battle. This article will talk about a few aspects that need considerable attention while purchasing girls tights.

Working out and then going out for brunch with friends immediately after? Then, you know a solid pair of tights is exactly what you need to wear. Whether you’re running, working out, strolling, or just lounging, tights provide the utmost comfort, versatility, and not to mention, style.

A variety of Girls tights!

There are a plethora of Girls tights in the fashion world. Girls tights have got designed for serving endless requirements. Cycling tights are ideal for cyclists due to their moisture prevention and friction reduction properties. Sports enthusiasts like athletes prefer running tights for their compression features. These tights protect their muscles and ensure good blood circulation. Footless girls tights work great during the dance routines. Shaping tights come with in-built shape-wear that give thigh shaping and tummy control. Ballet dancers usually prefer ballet tights for comfort and an elegant look. Support tights yield intrinsic health benefits such as leg compression and improved blood circulation. There are seamless tights, control top tights, and fishnet tights that might add elegance to a bland or neutral piece of clothing.

Tights terminology: Ladder & Denier

Ladder means when your tights get a long hole due to wear and tear. Look for leggings that are ladder-resistant or have a high denier. Denier is a term that indicates the thickness and opacity of the leggings. Denier ranges from 1o to 140. In general, 10-20 is sheer and provides a natural look while evening out skin tone. 21-40 is semi-opaque, 41-69 is opaque and offers considerable coverage, 70-99 is super-opaque, provides even more coverage and offer a defined look, 100-140 is called blackout opaque, and this range provides maximum coverage and is not at all see-through.

What to pick- Sheer or opaque?

The transparency of the tights depends upon the denier. The denier number denotes the weight or thickness of the fabric. Generally, sheer girls tights have a denier of less than 30. And any tights with a denier of 40 and above are opaque tights. In simple words, the sheer girl tights are partially transparent and tend to be shiny. However, opaque tights are comparatively thicker and dark. So, with an increase in the denier number, the girl tights become more opaque. Also, the girl tights follow a fashion principle based on the hemline. As much as shorter the hemline is, the more opaque the girl tights need to be.

Support tights vs Shaping tights

Support and shaping tights are two different types that provide two different purposes. Support tights aim to massage and improve blood circulation. These tights massage the muscles in your feet and legs, improving the flow of oxygen internally and thus fending off stiffness and aches. Support tights keep your legs feeling rejuvenated and fresh all day long and are therefore perfect for those constantly on the move. The purpose of shaping tights is to flatten and enhance parts of your body to provide a trimmed or curvaceous look. Some tights offer both support and shaping in one pair.

Gym and outdoor leggings

Sports leggings focus on comfort and freedom of movement as much as style and design. Ensure your sports leggings are made of moisture-wicking and breathable material, so you remain considerably dry and cool. Gym tights have to be opaque and squat-proof, or in simple words, flexible, durable and stretchable. Ensure the fit is comfortable and not too tight or too loose; this is especially true for high-waist tights, where you have to look for a waistband that offers a flexible and natural hold without being too constricting.

What to look for when buying a pair of tights?

The girl tights also have a broad range of patterns, texture, and designs. The size may differ from brand to brand. Girls tights offer a close fit, so it is advisable to opt for a slightly bigger size. Always check a size chart before getting a pair of girls tights. They must be light, soft and comfortable as well. Girls tights composed of breathable material ensure enough airflow to the skin. It makes sure that a person does not feel exhausted. They mostly have a material composition of two fabrics- Polyamide and Elastane. The weather conditions may also have an impact on the choice of tights. During winters, girls mostly prefer to wear thicker opaque tights as they are comparatively warmer.

Size, Fit & Design

Fit is an important aspect of any leggings, and the size plays a massive role in the fit of the tights. One-size tights seem convenient, but they seldom provide an accurate fit. Most manufacturers include a sizing guide with their tights. Referring to this guide will help you pick out the size that fits you best according to your waist, hip and leg measurements. The variety in designs when it comes to tights is limitless. Solid colours to patterns and gradients make sure that no matter your style, you’re bound to find a pair of leggings that suit your preference.

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