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Raising and taking care of babies comes with its fair share of responsibilities and staying on your feet all day can be tiring. But when it comes to feeding, a comfortable and cosy environment is essential as it also counts as a rest or relaxation period – and there is nothing better than a nursing chair to feed your baby. Nursing chairs are often considered as an unnecessary expenditure – but they can make a difference and are available in several designs & variations such as – glider chairs, ottomans, and rocking chairs.

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Glider Chairs, Ottomans & Rocking Chairs Buying Guide

A nursing chair (also known as maternity chairs) provides excellent support while you feed your baby and alleviates back pain. But to make a choice is it vital to understand the difference between rocking and glider chairs first. A rocking chair has a back-and-forth swaying motion whereas a glider is somewhat stationary and has a very light and noiseless gliding movement. All nursing chairs make a great addition to the nursery, living room, and even the bedroom and can be used just for relaxing. But despite the type of chair you prefer, it is best to take some features into account.

Solid Frame Construction

Whether you buy a glider or rocker chair, it is essential to ensure it has a sturdy and reliable frame construction, so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety. Most nursing chairs are made of wood, but buyers should make sure the wood is strong and of high-quality. Moreover, the chair must be durable and stable with excellent load-bearing capacity. If you are buying a glider chair, it is best to choose one equipped with smooth ball bearings, and it should also function efficiently on all surfaces, including carpets and mats.

Soft & Padded Cushion

Both rocking and glider chairs (plus the ottoman) must be covered in a soft and breathable fabric such as pure and natural cotton. The material should also be skin-friendly because a baby’s skin is sensitive, and even rubbing their skin against something harsh can cause a rash or allergies. A buyer should go for wide nursing chairs filled with thickened and high-density sponge that does not deform easily. A comfortable and snug seat cushion is essential for both support and comfort during feed time. Also, the seat must have a strap design for convenient disassembly and cleaning.

What Else Should Buyers Consider?

For maximum support, buyers can go for reclining nursing chairs, but they should have several recline position settings for personalised comfort and flexibility. Those who like to read a magazine or watch television while nursing – must select a chair with a removable storage pocket, so you always have essential items within arm’s reach. It is essential to choose a nursing chair with lower armrests (for breastfeeding) and sufficient back support or an extra pillow. A long-term warranty/exchange period is also something one must consider.

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