Top 12 Grab Hooks

There are various kinds of hooks available for towing, pulling, securing, lifting, and rigging. Each type of hook is designed to perform specific tasks. For the same reason, they come in different sizes, latches and openings to aid in performing various actions.

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Grab Hooks Buying Guide

A grab hook must be designed in a manner that it can hold the object securely and safely. This comprehensive guide has categorised hooks based on features and varied uses to save you from all the headaches.  Choosing the perfect type of hook is determined by numerous factors.

What to look for in grab hooks?

The primary factor being the weight of the load you intend to lift with the hook. In addition, the material of the load and the type of sling you intend to use also influences the decision. Grab hooks are specially designed to grab a chain while doing the overhead lifting. While grab hooks are suitable for all case scenarios, there are many special hooks for different objects. A standard grab hook can take less load than a cradle grab hook. However, the former is cheaper. A chain shortening grab hook is the safest and the latest variant.

Types of hooks

The fundamental way to distinguish between different hooks is their flexibility or lack of it. If your main aim is to get movement flexibility, an eye hook is a good option. In this type of hook, chains are fitted to the sling, making it a permanent solution. The downside of an eye hook is that the sling is rendered useless upon the hook's damage. On the other hand, a clevis hook doesn't offer the same flexibility as an eye hook. Still, it can be easily replaced without scrapping the entire chain sling when the hook gets damaged.

Grab hooks for convenience

Grab hooks add immense value to the rigging industry no matter which variant is selected. Lifting load into the air requires careful consideration as regards to the type of hook. A positioning swivel hook cannot be used to rotate the load it is carrying. It is suitable for positioning the hook on the pick point. However, there is a swivel hook with a bearing designed to rotate freely while carrying the load.