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One needs to put a decent thought to the greenhouse foundation as it will affect its future use. Greenhouse foundation is not only necessary for stability but also insulation. Also, for a long-lasting greenhouse one needs to fasten it with a fair and robust base. With various available options in the market, hunt for the right base and foundation becomes challenging. This buying guide on greenhouse bases and foundations cover all the essential information you need to know before deciding to set up one of your own.

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Greenhouse Bases & Foundations Buying Guide

If you live in an extreme climate and wish to grow certain crops or plants in your garden, a greenhouse will protect them from harsh weather and pests and ensure their healthy growth by maintaining a specific temperature inside. Two significant prerequisites for a greenhouse are a foundation and a base. A greenhouse foundation is essential to the structure of the greenhouse. Apart from providing strength, it also provides insulation. Similarly, a greenhouse base prevents any weather damage, warping and uneven stress.

Materials for the construction of the foundation

The right greenhouse foundation is the one that provides strength to the greenhouse and is durable and user friendly. Foundations are available in two materials in the market, galvanised steel and aluminium. If you are going for polyethene film for your greenhouse, it is best to partner it with galvanised steel. Steel provides strength and is more economical. Steel films, being thinner, allow maximum light to pass; this helps the plants grow better. Aluminium foundations are costly and, therefore, paired with glass or polycarbonate. These foundations don't rust from UV rays and last long. Despite having a high initial cost, they are low maintenance.

How to choose the base?

One needs to fasten down to a solid base for the greenhouse, or else it won't last. Perimeter bases are cost-effective, edging kerb style slabs and create a solid foundation directly under the greenhouse. It offers a strong foundation, but wrong measurements can mess up a lot of things. Another type of base available in the market is paving. It is environment friendly and provides better drainage. The quality of the bottom should be good to hold the complete structure efficiently, other than this there's no strict rule for selecting one,

Stick with the correct measurements

The foundation and the base form the structure of the greenhouse. Their size determines the size of the greenhouse. Therefore, measure your garden well and plan how big a greenhouse you need. And while buying the base and the foundation, try to stick with those measurements. And lastly, ensure that the base you select for your greenhouse allows the water to drain freely; stuck liquid can manipulate the temperature due to condensation.

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