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Greenhouse heaters help in maintaining the required temperature in a greenhouse. Too much heat can harm your plants. Hence, it is crucial to get an appropriate greenhouse heater that will healthily sustain your garden.

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Gardening is a delightful hobby. Growing trees and plants, tending to them and maintaining your garden is a relaxing way to de-stress and give yourself a much-needed break from the monotony of your busy lives. Weather conditions are an extremely significant factor for the growth of plants, and we have little control over it. In Britain, the weather can be very whimsical and unpredictable. How do you protect your garden? A greenhouse is a great solution. It will help you maintain a certain temperature inside, which is conducive to the growth of your plants and will help you grow exotic plants. Entering a greenhouse is a beautiful experience; it’s like you have stepped into an entirely different world, far from the urban crowds. Who wouldn’t want a greenhouse? However, sometimes greenhouses need extra support in the form of heaters. There are a variety of greenhouse heaters available. Which one should you choose?

Heat and wattage

The temperature of the greenhouse is perhaps its most significant aspect. Hence, you need to be careful not to mess it up – it could even kill your plants! You can warm up a greenhouse, but cooling it down is tough. You could purchase a greenhouse heater with lower wattage; if needed, you can build up the heat. It is safer than buying one that overheats the greenhouse. Buying one with low wattage will keep energy consumption low too. However, it depends on the size of your greenhouse. If you have a large one, buying a heater with higher wattage might be the most rational choice.

Controlling the temperature

As you already know, too much heat will end up harming your plants. Along with getting a greenhouse heater with appropriate wattage, get one that maintains the temperature. That way, you will have even better control over the weather artificially created inside the greenhouse. Get a heater that will provide safe, low heat. Some greenhouse heaters have inbuilt thermostats which automatically switch on and off to maintain an optimal temperature. You don’t need to keep checking and maintaining the temperature. Some will let you manually adjust the temperature too.

Size of the heater

The size of the greenhouse heater is not directly related to its wattage. It is, in itself, a factor to be considered. What size you purchase depends on how big or small your greenhouse is. It should optimally utilize the space available. Consider the heating area too. 

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