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Cleaning and taking care of your musical instruments ensure that it will stay playable for a very long time. Hence it should be followed as a ritual as part of the maintenance process. Guitars, in particular, have a lot going on its structure. There are strings, fretboards, various knobs, plugs etc. on a large wooden body that easily invites dust and grime. Keeping your guitar safe during weather changes and temperature variations are equally important in keeping the equipment sounding and looking perfect. Read on to explore the various cleaning products that help keep your guitar healthy and everlasting.

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Guitar Cleaning & Care Buying Guide

Cleaning kits

Guitar products can come as kits that include various products for different tasks. Such a package is an all-rounder and would be ideal for a budding guitarist as he or she is less likely to have any products at all. They may contain string cleaners, string winders, polish, liquids and oils, polishing cloths, wipes, brushes etc. Some kits come with a few products catered to a particular section of the guitar like fingerboard.

Liquid cleaners

We require some form of liquid to clean most of the things that we use on a daily basis, be it soap and water, spirit or oil. Guitars also need such liquids to clean, as well as retain the lustre of its body. But regular liquid cleaners must not be used as they are likely to contain ammonia which could have destructive effects on a finished wood surface. It is always advised to buy products that are made exclusively for the use on the guitar.

Lemon oil is the ultimate ingredient used in most products for cleaning a guitar. It removes dirt and wax build-up and more. It can also be applied to the body of the guitar directly to smoothen and polish it. It is important to note that a guitar body made of maple wood may not react well with lemon oil. Some liquid cleaners are also not recommended for finished wood.

To wipe and brush

Guitars need to be wiped regularly with a cloth or infused wipes for extended life. They are also required after the application of oils and other liquids. They can be reusable and washable, as well as disposable cotton for convenience in case someone is travelling. Brushes with soft bristles can also be used for daily usage.