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Music styles like rock and heavy metal have a lot of admirers in the world. Their saturated, rugged-like and almost aggressive sounds are made possible by distortion and overdrive effects. These impeccable tools are available in the market as distortion, and overdrive pedals add more harmony to music and make it irresistibly loud. They are basically tiny amplifier circuits.

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Guitar Distortion & Overdrive Effects Buying Guide

Though distortion and overdrive effects are strikingly similar, they are not the same. Overdrive is a distortion form, while distortion is a more general term signifying any 'rough' guitar sound. A must-have in a rig, an overdrive pedal pursues to match a tube amplifier's sound that is being pushed to saturation. These soft-clipping devices are a great pick to achieve a more voluminous or definite volume.

Distortions have more clipping and are perfect for adding jaw-dropping power to the track you are playing. Different pedals offer differing voices, some sounding vintage and others, modern.

Choosing the pedals

For expected sound shaping in overdrive effects, committed tone, drive and level controls are significant. Many new designs offer what is unattainable with older kinds of analogue pedals. An expansive range and flexibility in controls can offer an array of tones from whispers to scream effects. Knobs on the pedals should be easy to control for quick access.

Many distortion pedals come with flexible tone selectors. 'E-mod' gives a smooth sounding tone, 'U-mod', a usual classic sound resembling the 80's and 'Ultra', for an edgy, electrifying tone.

Guitar distortion and overdrive effects need to be compact, lightweight and should ensure ease in operation as they are much required in hectic concerts and ensembles. The sturdiness of their metal body mostly determines their durability. Most of them take 9V batteries while others require a power input, which could make other connections a little crowded.

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