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A guitar pedalboard is the heart & soul of a guitar. And a low-noise pedalboard is an all-time preference for many guitarists. After all, a pedalboard brings out many beautiful & soothing tunes from the guitar.

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Guitar Pedal Boards & Cases Buying Guide

Sorting out the perfect pedalboard and case has always been a challenge for guitarists. Having numerous options makes the decision more complicated. This buying guide aims to serve as a valuable piece of information regarding shapes, sizes, space, and cases.

Effects pedals and cases

The selection of an ideal guitar pedal board relies on the number of effects guitarists already have. An aspiring musician has to first settle upon the effects pedals. Effects like tuner, distortion, overdrive, delay, wah, reverb can mark a versatile set of pedals. Then evaluate the current size & space requirements for the effects pedals. After choosing the correct pedalboard, check out the cases for storing that board. Hard-cases like rugged flight case are durable and protect all the gears. Contrarily, soft-cases like thick padded carry bag are lightweight and much easier to hang on shoulders. The choice for cases highly depends upon the strength and travelling frequency of a particular guitarist.

The most influential element- Size

Guitar pedal boards are available in different sizes and depth, including nano, small, medium and large. The size of the pedalboard is a crucial aspect as it controls all the other factors. Precisely, the capacity and mobility are usually inversely proportional. A small pedal board will install only a few pedals but will have easy mobility. However, a larger or modular pedalboard can accommodate new acquisitions in the future as well! It will be spacious but will require more strength to carry multiple pedals for different gigs. So, choose the right size for managing the effect pedals efficiently.

Which shape is best- Angled or flat?

Guitar pedal boards usually have two types of structure- angled or flat. A flat pedalboard works pretty well when there are only a few effects, and all of them are in a single row. In an angled pedalboard, the effect pedals get slightly raised in the back and become easy to access. This shape of the board can easily handle multiple rows of effect pedals. Therefore, an angled pedalboard is a more desirable choice for guitarists.

Additional features of the pedalboard.

A guitar pedalboard should have enough space to organise all the effects. It should also be portable so that guitarists can conveniently carry their collection of Effects pedals from gig to gig. A good pedalboard consists of an adequate number of professional-grade hook-and-loop & zip ties for securing pedals and cables, respectively. While choosing a pedalboard, the musician also analyses the colour, texture, weight, and look of the board. These components can make a vital difference. There are some additional features also like TRS plugs, AC jacks, MIDI connector, etc.