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After buying a guitar, a guitar tuner should be the next thing on your list. Whether you are practising or performing live, you have to adjust the chords of your guitar perfectly for better performance. That is the reason that prompts every guitarist to buy the best guitar tuner available on the market.

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Guitar Tuners Buying Guide

Guitar tuners are an essential device for every guitarist. Adjusting the chords yourself is time-consuming and may not produce accurate results. That is why you should buy a guitar tuner. It will set the chords right and help you get in-tune. With the perfect guitar tuner, you can ensure no issues with the tuning in your performance. The problem is to decide which tuner is best for your needs, which is very difficult because of the countless options available. This comprehensive buying guide will tell you how to pick the best guitar tuner based on a few crucial factors.  

Numerous categories of guitar tuners

Guitar tuners have been around since the 1970s. Over the period, technology has introduced many categories of guitar tuners. Handheld tuner gears are the oldest devices used to measure the pitch of string-based instruments, including guitar. The latest addition is the tuning applications. However, these apps may not show you 100% accurate results. 

A clip-on guitar tuner is the most popular one these days. You can clip them to your guitar's headstock, and they will measure the tuning by sensing the vibrations that travel through the guitar. 

Chromatic versus Non-chromatic tuners 

There are two types of tuner gears – chromatic and non-chromatic. A non-chromatic tuner works only for one instrument. On the other hand, you can use a chromatic tuner for any string-based instrument you want. So if you only play the guitar, a non-chromatic one is sufficient. But if you play the ukulele, violin, guitar, etc., it is better to buy a chromatic tuner. 

Accuracy is the key

When it comes to guitar tuners, accuracy is of the utmost importance. You would not want to embarrass yourself with the wrong guitar tuning while performing in front of a live audience. That is why you have to check whether a guitar tuner offers accurate results or not. Test every tuner you have shortlisted and see if they provide the exact pitch measure. If you are buying the tuner gear online, make sure to check the customer reviews. 

A clear display 

Guitar tuners come with a display that shows you the pitch measure of each chord of your guitar. If the display is not clear, you won't be able to adjust the tuning accurately. So, look for options that come with a screen that is easy to read. Some tuners even allow you to adjust the brightness as per the lighting of the room.