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Hair claws add a class to messy and unruly hairstyles. Manufacturers come with a new type of hair claws to meet a fashionista’s needs, giving birth to a vast range of exclusive claws. Hair claws come in different shapes, sizes and design to suit different hair types, length and texture.

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Hair claws have two claws joined with a spring that holds them firmly in place and helps open and close the clasp. Due to their authenticity and ancient reputation, hair claws or hair jaws are relied on for trendy hairdos by hair experts and amateur women. They are great for on-the-go and easy style.

Mini and small-sized claw

Mini jaws are of the size ½ to ¼ inches, makes them ideal for holding small bits of hair around the face and updos. You will need multiple of these to trap the hair from different sides. They are suitable for thin or fine hair; they won’t make your hair feel trapped. Mini claws are also ideal for kids. Small jaws are 1 ½  to 2 ½ inches and are suitable for half-up dos, buns, twist from fine to thick hair, depending on the hairstyle.

Medium and large-sized claws

A 2 ½ to 4 inches medium claw helps tie buns, twists, ponytails and can potentially cover any hair type. They are the most used hair claw due to their one-size-fits-all nature. Moderate size complements both short and long hair. Large claws are 4 to 5 inches that can hold even the thickest and curliest of the hair. They take hair clamping to a new level. You will need this claw for curling, styling or even drying. The next type is jumbo claws that are 5 inches in size.

Most popular design options

Bun maker hair claws are rather modern and unconventional in the world of hair claws. They create a professional and neat looking ponytail in no time. The claws give you the freedom to make a tight high or an elegant low bun. On the other hand, normal french design hair claws have interlocking teeth giving a strong fixing force that immediately fixes the unruly hair.

Other factors to consider

Consider the area where you are going to use the claw: back, front, or sides. For the back, rectangular or square claws can do the job well. However, traditional arched claws are suitable for the side and front section. Claws with a lesser gap between teeth are ideal for finer hair, while the large gap is a more practical option for thick hair. The more the number of claws, the firmer the grip is. Claws with long teeth grasp more hair and keep the hairstyle secure for a longer period.  

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