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Hair colour dyes are used to dye your hair in desired colours. Sometimes, the result may not be what you expected, or you want to apply a new colour. Hair colour remover is available in the market to solve this issue. The application is similar to at-home hair dye easy to apply and wash.

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Hair dyes consist of coloured pigments which, when applied, are held inside the hair shaft. These pigments change the hair colour temporarily. After some time, the pigments disappear on their own, letting the hair regain its original colour. In some cases, the dye colour choice can go wrong, or the person can get bored of the colour. For such cases, hair colour removers are a huge help in removing the dyes instantly. Hair colour removal can be done at home or by a professional. The following article shows how colour removal works and its benefits.

How does hair removal work?

When you colour your hair, the pigments are held inside the hair shaft, making the hair appear dyed. The colour removers enter into the hair shaft and dissolve the artificial dyes. The dissolved pigments are washed away after 20 minutes. Unlike bleaching, removers target only the artificial colourants. The dye isn't always removed right once; it takes time to fade back to its normal colour.

Hair colour removers are safe

Some choose to bleach their hair. Bleaching can strip off the artificial and natural oils of your hair. They can also be super damaging to the hair's texture. Colour removers make sure to remove the synthetic colour pigments only. But anything too much can become harmful. Use hair colour removers in moderation for healthy hair.

How to apply hair colour remover?

Shampoo wash, rinse and dry your hair. The colour remover must be applied to damp hair. Mix the contents and apply the paste to your hair. After applying, put a processing cap or blow-dry your air to keep your hair warm; this accelerates the colour removal. Twenty minutes later, rinse well with warm water. The colour removing process can cause dryness. Apply plenty of conditioners to avoid that.

Why is bleaching not recommended?

There are various hair removal methods. Some prefer DIY hair removal products, while others prefer bleaching, which strips the colour pigments and healthy hair. Bleach contains harmful products like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Bleach assures colour removal and also hair damage. When left too long, it might cause scalp irritation or, worse, turns your hair completely white. Bleaches are known to cause hair thinning, split ends etc. Hair colour removers are the better choice. Bleaches not only work on removing the dye but also your natural pigment.

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