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Only shampooing your hair alone is not enough to have healthy, silky, smooth, flawless hair! You have to take care of your hair well enough from damage, pollution, UV rays, and more. You can do this from your bathroom itself. It is just going to take five more minutes.

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Hair Conditioners Buying Guide

Hair conditioners are a lifesaver for so many girls out there. It is because conditioners protect your hair from breakage, frizzing, damage, and more. But, to protect your hair thoroughly, you need to buy the right product, which is what this guide is all about!

Know your hair type

There are only three types of hair out there, such as straight, curly, and wavy. A straight hair is so straight that you don't even need straighteners to be used. A curly hair type has big curls or small curls across the entire hair. In contrast, a wavy hair has waves in their hair but not throughout the hair necessarily. So, before buying your conditioner, know the type of your hair as it might contribute to the conditioners' effective working.

Select the type of conditioner

You have conditioner for every problem out there. After knowing your hair type, the second step is to identify your hair type's right conditioner. If your hair is incredibly wavy or curly, try to find conditioners for the exact hair type. It is because straight hair is easy to manage and is almost healthy as the natural oils will drip through the tips. But, in the case of wavy or curly hair, it becomes problematic.

Treat the conditions more specifically

After you have researched well on these hair types and the conditioners for each hair type, the final step is to treat your hair's conditions, if you have any. Like, if you have dry or damaged hair, dull hair, oily hair, dandruff, or something like that, you have to look for conditioners that can treat such problems. However, I think there is no use in searching for dandruff-reducing conditioners as you will not be using conditioners on your root if that makes a sense!

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