Top 12 Hair Perms & Texturisers

Hair is perhaps the most malleable and attractive part of the human body. With a little experimentation on hair, you can transform your appearance as desired. Cutting your hair, giving it a spa, and styling are all part of it. There are a plethora of styling options currently available to perform on hair that guarantee an instant, dramatically different look. Perming and texturising are two sides of the same coin, with the former helping in curling straight or wavy hair and the latter straightening or loosening curly or wavy hair.

Hair Perms & Texturisers Buying Guide

Hair perms and texturizers are lotion-like substances that can be applied directly on damp hair to change the shape of strands. While perms may need additional support for styling, texturizers do not. Perms are smeared on hair that needs to be rolled up using hair rollers or rods that typically come with the package. After a necessary period of time, the hair needs to be rinsed with a neutraliser, which also comes with the package. On the other hand, texturizers need to be spread evenly as it works toward expanding the curly, densely packed hair strands.

Necessary properties

As any styling product comes with properties that change the natural hair structure, they must contain nourishing and revitalising elements promoting hair growth. The perming and texturising lotions are hence partly conditioners that smoothen and exfoliate the hair. Many products are also infused with botanical ingredients and oils.

Perms and texturisers should be chosen depending on the hair structure and needs; obviously, as they are devised for specific, opposite results. But it is also essential to choose in terms of the type of hair and scalp, be it dry, stock, or oily.

Specialized formulae

Most perms and texturisers cater to untreated and healthy hair. But this may not be suitable for already styled hair or hair that is too fragile or damaged. Hence products that are specialized to cater to the special needs of differing hair conditions are equally obtainable. Coarse hair, or hair that has been coloured, needs a protein-rich and sensitive formula to avoid the potential damage that could be caused by recurrent styling treatments.