Top 12 Hair Styling Products

There are just more than necessary hair product options to choose from. They might easily demotivate a newbie. Additionally, you don’t even know which one is right for you? Hair products come in different level of strength. Thus you have the freedom to choose a gel more suitable for the hair type.

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Hair Styling Products Buying Guide

Hair says a lot about our personality. Everybody wants flawless manageable hair. We have covered the most basic kind of styling products that everyone must-have.

Add style and texture with hair Gels

Hair gels were popular when haircare was not even a term. A gel is used to manage unruly hair; even today, it is an essential part of styling. Once you apply gel, your hair remains stuck in the style unless you wash it. It has a high hold and shiny texture, which is not very malleable. Beware of the flakes that come from the dried gel that looks like dandruff. If you want to retain your style, use gel while styling your hair. For dry hair, use alcohol-free gel, as you will need a clarifying shampoo to wash them off properly. 

Hair spray for finishing touch

Hair sprays are used after styling to keep the style in place. Like gel, they also come in different level of strength. Apart from these, you can find hair sprays that instantly but temporarily fix frizz and adds shine to the hair. Sprays with glitter add shimmer to the blandest hairstyle. The right hairspray will give you a not weighted-down, natural look. Among them, sea-salt spray is quite popular. They provide low to medium hold. The salt absorbs crude oil and gives a wavy and volume texture. Hair sprays are offered either in an aerosol or a pump.

Hair Clay gives a matte look and enhanced volume

Clay is rather modern in the world of hairstyling. They are denser than wax but more effective as well. Clay is intended to make hair follicle look thick and are great for thin hair. Moreover, they heal damaged scalp and moisturise dry hair. Clay is the most natural way of styling hair, and they wash off easily without leaving residue traces. However, they don’t give shine but are pretty malleable.

Wax-based pomade or hair wax

Wax give are pretty malleable and give high hold. That means they preserve the style you create, but they also allow you to adjust it. They provide the greatest grip, but the drawback is they demand a lot of effort to be washed off. They are available in various degrees of shimmer, from matte to glossy. Wax is best for straight hair and not for rebellious curly or wavy hair type. Unlike gel, wax is thicker, softer and does not give flakes upon drying.