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Hair is perhaps the most wondrous ornament one can wear. Healthy and beautiful looking hair is an asset for anyone regardless their age, gender or profession. One of the most important habits that keep your hair on the check is brushing or combing them regularly and properly. There are hundreds of hairbrushes available in the market to suit various purposes, hair types and styles. This guide will provide you with an overview of these remarkable everyday tools.

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Hairbrushes Buying Guide

To achieve the hair look you desire, having the right hairbrush and using it correctly plays a significant role. Besides beautifying your tresses, brushing your hair daily can lessen breakage and the time you spend in detangling.

Knowing your hair

Before deciding on a hairbrush, one first has to study their hair thoroughly and its unique needs. Is it impeccably dense or too fine and thin? Is it long or short? What is the hair texture: curly, wavy or straight? Do you have any hair issues like dandruff, hair-fall or unmanageable frizz? One needs to answer these and many more questions before making the purchase.

What to choose?

Brands manufacture the comps to meet specific hair types and states. For instance, some brushes can be used on both wet and dry hair without causing breakage. Incredibly thick hair mandates comps with a broader gap between the bristles. Thin hair could smoothly go with bristles with the narrow division. Too frizzy, wavy and tangled hair would require detangling hairbrushes.Small, foldable tail-comps are perfect for always keeping in your bag if you want to stop somewhere and tidy up your hair. Their tails help in quickly dividing parts of hair as desired. Professionals have an array of styling brushes to choose from for elaborate styling and hairdos. 

Brushing or massaging?

Everybody knows that genetics, diet, and mental health directly affect one's hair's health and beauty. However, even if one is not at capacity to change the statuses mentioned earlier, one can always take a couple of minutes from their day to comb their hair, say, five minutes before sleeping. It would have a significant impact on your hair health in the long run.Countless hairbrushes are explicitly made for this purpose. Comps with boar bristles are an excellent choice as they stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation. They also help spread the sebum evenly on the scalp, ensuring moisture reach in every root. Scalp massaging shampoo brushes is also a good option if one wants to have a bath massaging session.

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