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Whether you plan to conduct your hair treatment at a salon or home, a hairdresser sink is indispensable. You can stay where you are and get your hair washed, and meet other hairdressing needs. Purchasing an appropriate hairdresser sink is based on certain factors.

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Hairdresser Sinks Buying Guide

Maybe you are a professional working at a salon, or you are a parent who wants to treat their daughter's hair. Either way, a hairdresser sink is a must. It makes the process of treating one's hair hassle-free. Imagine making your client get up and walk to the basin every time you wanted to wash their hair! Keeping a few considerations will help you to choose the best hairdressing sink for yourself.

What is it made of?

Check what materials the sink is made of. Stainless steel will help with preventing rust and oxidation. Thick PP plastic is durable, strong, and resistant to both wear and heat. The sink needs to be light enough to be portable yet have a strong, heavy base to be stable. 

Internal space and structure

Washing will be more convenient when the sink's internal space and structure are optimised. A large, deep sink is helpful. When properly shaped and designed, it will prevent water from spilling out of the basin. Some brands go the extra mile and take steps like sealing holes at the bottom with rubber to prevent leakage.

Adjustable height and angle

If the height of the shampoo basin is adjustable, you can change it to suit different clients and elevation of the reclining or barber seat. A bowl that is angle-adjustable can be turned back and forth in whichever direction you desire.

What about drainage?

Most sinks have a hole at the bottom, to which a hose is attached to drain the water. We can attach the pipe to some other sink for wastewater. Some brands also offer tanks to which the pipe can be plugged, and the sink drained. That way, we needn't frequently drain the used water.

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