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The role your hair plays in your appearance and beauty is unmatchable. Having healthy and beautiful hair can enhance any look that you carry, which is why hair loss is a much painful experience for most of us. Lucky for you, the beauty market is filled with wigs and hairpieces that are lifelike. Wearing a hairpiece or a wig can help you rebuild confidence and will make you look stunning in anything your wear. This guide introduces you to hairpieces in particular and how to make conscious purchases.

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Hairpieces Buying Guide

While wigs come in individual hairstyles and cover your entire head, hairpieces are available as small parts or extensions. They don't cover your entire head but will enhance your hairdo by adding more volume or texture. Thus hairpieces have a wider consumership, with even people with great natural hair sometimes opting for them if they feel fancy or want to go a little extra on the hairdo.

Synthetic fibre or natural hair?

Hairpieces are either made of natural hair or synthetic materials. Natural hairpieces can be a little expensive, but they are also more efficient and durable. Synthetic materials come in a scale of prices, with the price going up as the hairpiece resembles real hair better. Natural hair is inarguably better in terms of its looks and feel. Since it is indeed real hair, it is almost impossible for someone to recognise that you may be wearing a hairpiece. However, with synthetic materials, there are chances that someone notices, especially if you go for inexpensive fibres.

The range of hairpieces

Hairpieces come in a wide variety of styles and types. Some come as buns, either sleek or messy, and as bangs, scrunchies and ponytails, and then there are wavy, straight and curly hair extensions. Depending on the style, they can be fastened by elastic or invisible clips or bands. As hairpieces are typically worn in various events where one would want to accessorise and look pretty, some hairpieces even come with colourful hairpins, statement pieces or tiny jewellery.

How to choose?

It is given that you must pick a hairpiece that matches your natural hair tone. High-grade hairpieces can even be dyed; thus, you may go for a more flexible colour, like blonde, if you are into experimentation a lot. Ideally, your hairpiece must also match your skin tone and eye colour if you are going for bangs or any hairpiece that would come in contact with your face. If going for a synthetic piece, make sure that it is heat resistant, non-allergic and washable. Most inexpensive synthetic hairpieces can only be worn once or twice as they wear out soon. 

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