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It doesn't count if you're young or old if you're a professional or a beginner; no one here is superior to the other in a drum group. With so many different hand drums from which to choose, it might be difficult for a beginner to pick the ideal one. Take a little time and consider various factors to decide which hand drum is suitable for you before purchasing one.

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Hand Drums Buying Guide

The hand drum is a percussive musical instrument with a hollow body and one or more membranes spread over it. The membrane, also known as the head or skin, is struck to produce sound. Hand drums are a unique form of instrument. A hand drum's body is traditionally composed of wood, gourd shells, or other locally available materials. Frame drums, djembes, congas, and bongos are among the most prevalent hand drums. There are some common elements to all of them that need to be looked at, and this guide will help you in just that.

Examine the skin of the drum for any flaws

The majority of genuine drum skins are trimmed using a razor. If not done correctly, this might cause skin harm. Examine the skin for signs of abrasion. Usually, a few minor nicks aren't harmful, but you should think again if there's a piece of flesh emerging. Try out this clever little tactic: Turn the drum inside out to see what's within. Raise it at the light now. Inspect the drum skin for any faults by looking inside it and swivelling it around. A smaller area of skin will allow more light to pass through, making it appear brighter. If the skin seems to be dangerously thin in any part, it may rip under strain. Synthetic drumheads are far superior in this regard.

Choose the right weight

If you primarily play your drum in a standing posture and carry it with a belt, weight is significant. Of course, the thick and dense woods sound the finest but keep in mind that women, in particular, wish them not to get too hefty. Consumers should also consider transportation options. If you're a man, playing the drum in a standing posture with a load of up to 9 kg is usually no problem. Eight kilos are generally adequate for a woman.

The condition of the drumhead

It's also critical to thoroughly inspect the hand drum's head. Its usage must never damage the drum head. As a result, look for cracks, holes, and ageing on the drum's head. It's time to change an old drum head because the sound isn't as excellent, and it's about to shatter. C check for dryness because it's crucial. With a dried-out head, you can't tune a hand drum. To tune such a drum, you'll need to apply a lot of pressure, and the head will crack or shatter as a result. Check for slopes and corrodes, and make sure the head is level.