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Hand spinners, also known as fidget spinners, are one of the best toys to relieve stress. You can spin these toys during your breaks or after a long day at work to relax your mind. If you are looking for a hand spinner, you will have to consider some essential elements before buying.

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Hand Spinners Buying Guide

Hand spinners are stress-relieving fidget toys that have become popular these days. These toys spin with a flick of your fingers and improve your concentration level. A hand spinner does not make any noise, giving you a peaceful time while calming your nerves. This fidget toy also helps autism patients relieve their stress and anxiety, making it a reliable toy. Hand spinners come in various designs, sizes, and variants, leaving you with hundreds of options that make purchase impossible. This in-depth buying guide on hand spinners will help you select the best model based on a few critical factors. 

Ergonomic and stress relieving 

Hand spinners are compact and have an ergonomic design, allowing you to use them whenever or wherever you want. When you are buying a spinner, you can check whether your fingers fit perfectly or not. Next, make sure that you get enough space to give the spinner a flick with your fingers. Otherwise, it will keep getting stuck in your hand and irritate you instead of relieving your stress. Look for a fidget toy that improves your concentration level, calms your mind, and relieves you from stress and anxiety. 

Designs available to buy 

Hand spinners come in various designs, having different colours and pictures. You will find models with symbols representing a famous character, brands, personality, etc., while looking for these fidget toys. However, some manufacturers allow you to customise your hand spinners and give them a unique look. You can ask the seller to print a name, logo, date, or a short slogan if you opt for customised hand spinners. It makes the fidget spinner an excellent toy to gift to your friends.   

Types of hand spinners 

There are multiple hand spinners available on the market, such as Dual bar, Tri, Quad, etc. All these spinners have different designs and shapes. A dual bar fidget spinner comes with two rotating blades, whereas a tri comes with three, which is the standard number. A quad fidget spinner can have four or even eight blades that offer much higher speed than its counterparts. 

Additional features in hand spinners 

Whichever hand spinner you select, make sure it comes with all the essential features. One of the additional features you will find in some fidget spinners is a glow in the dark effect. With this effect, you can use the spinner even in total darkness as the toy glows while spinning in your hand.