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Toys and games play a pivotal role in offering both education and entertainment in every child's early life. There are many advantages of providing a child with a simple, retro handheld game. However, with the availability of so many games today, one might get confused about the present advanced games' safety and efficacy.

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Every individual has grown up playing some or the other type of game throughout their childhood. While some handheld games are purely for children's amusement, many of them also get designed for stimulating brain development. Video-based handheld console games can even aid in improving a child's visual-spatial skills and hand-eye coordination. However, since the game market is a place where you can even find violent games that may encourage aggressive behaviour, a parent needs to consider numerous safety factors before purchasing any game for their children.

An age-wise separation of handheld games

Since there is an availability of a massive variety in handheld games, it's essential to differentiate between the game and your child's understanding level. Old-school consoles with classic games are an ideal choice for growing toddlers. Many of these consoles contain an assortment of pre-installed games, thus, not letting a child grow bored with a single game. As a child grows, he/she can then choose among the endless advanced consoles with video graphics and virtual worlds.

Portability and connectivity of handheld games

One of the key reasons why every parent buys a handheld game for their children is because these toys can fit almost anywhere. A handheld game's compact and lightweight body makes it very easy to carry the game anywhere, anytime. This portability feature is quite valuable when travelling, camping, long trips, or doing any other long-lasting outdoor activity with children. Furthermore, some handheld games even come with an AV output cable and a controller to connect it with a television, allowing a multiplayer mode.

Multi-functional features related to handheld games

The new-age handheld games generally contain an abundance of useful extra features for optimum convenience. Today, besides gaming, you can use some handheld consoles as a music player (with built-in speakers), e-book reader, recorder, camera, and set the primary clock and calendar functions. Additionally, even though the console usually comes with an included lithium-ion battery, it's typically rechargeable and can run for a long time.

Parental accessibility to handheld games

One of a parent's primary concerns while gifting their kids handheld video consoles is to avoid their kids getting consumed by these games. While these may have a fair amount of potential to enhance a child's planning, organising, flexible thinking, and problem-solving skills, they also possess a high risk of addiction and aggression. Having a parental control feature in such graphic video games is particularly helpful for supervising your child's access to the game contents. 

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