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Pool sessions are so soothing and relaxing. It reduces our stress to some extent. Be it small or large, the water and the pool setting will make everyone feel excited. But cleaning it should not be that hard. So, how do you choose the best handheld pool vacuums!

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Handheld Pool Vacuums Buying Guide

There are different types of pool vacuums in the market. If your choice is to buy a handheld pool vacuum, you have come to the right place. Handheld pool vacuums have some technical features to consider before buying. So, let's get started with the guide.

The type of power and criteria

Pool vacuums are available in a battery-powered and electrical cord power source. In some of the pool vacuums, the vacuum is attached to a hose to clean. A battery-powered pool vacuum has lithium batteries for its power source. The type of source you need in your pool vacuum solely depends on the size of your pool.

Filtration and the energy consumption features

The primary use of a pool vacuum is to clean and filter the water in the pool. So, you must have a sound filtration system in your pool vacuums. Some of the handheld pool vacuums come in in-built systems, while some might not. The other pool vacuums in the market make use of the external filtration system of the pool itself. Talking about energy consumption, large pools will have large pool vacuums, which might consume a significant amount of energy than the small ones available. So, you can choose your type out of the budget you have.

How effective can it be?

The suction power of the pool vacuums plays a vital role in cleaning the pools effectively. So, make sure you buy the handheld pool vacuums with a significant amount of suction power for them to suck the dirt and debris efficiently. The other aspect to look for in a pool vacuum is the wall climbing capacity if you have an above-ground pool. Make sure they can easily climb and clean. Also, cleaning cycles are essential to note. It is advisable to purchase the ones that can clean in fewer cycles. Some other extra features would include cord length, weight, and quality of the brush. You can choose as many elements in your pool vacuums!

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