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Hanging folders are folders with a rod attached to their margin which can be used to hang them inside the file cupboard. Since regular file holders tend to get crumpled against each other, they are not always the best file management system. Hanging holders can hold multiple files together, which can then be hung together.

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Almost every business or company has to manage hundreds of files on a daily basis. If the company is an audit or an accounting company, the file count tends to become uncountable and unmanageable quickly. One of the biggest challenges an organization has multiple files faces is its inability to keep the files found effortlessly.  However, many organizations fail to manage their files optimally and waste countless hours searching for important files. Many times, important files go missing for good or are disposed of by mistake due to mismanagement.

Why use interior folders?

Not having access to important files at crucial periods can waste a lot of precious time and lead to unnecessary delays and setbacks, which can otherwise be used for productive purposes.  These small delays can have a huge setback because the time wasted tends to compound over time and leave a black mark on productivity. Hence, organizing files efficiently and having access to them at the right time is a sign that the organization takes its productivity seriously. It will grow into an excellent successful company that everyone can take seriously.

Why use hanging folders as opposed to other folders?

While using folders to organize the hundreds of files is a necessary first step towards attaining superior productivity, keeping in mind that the files tend to get cluttered over time and simple folders may not be enough for the job. As files keep piling up, it becomes necessary to stack them together. But when too many files are stacked together, it becomes difficult to take out one file without the other files falling apart. Hence, with hanging folders, multiple folders can be stacked together, and individual files can be taken out easily without disturbing the files' organization.

File size according to the paper size

Before building a file organization system, it is an important first step to determine the paper in which the files will be available. Typically, most organizational paperwork is available in A4 size sheets, which is why A4 size files are the most commonly found files. However, there are exceptions to the A4 size files, so even A3 and A2 size files are commonly found and used in offices.

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