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If you are into gardening, you likely have a shrub, hedge or tall grass in your yard. They add to the aesthetic by providing the lush green foliage required in all gardens. But as wonderful they are to look at, they also need to be pruned regularly to be appealing and healthy. Hedge shears are glorious tools that help you trim your favourite bushes, and this comprehensive guide will help you choose the right one.

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Hedge Shears Buying Guide

The structure of a hedge shear is basically that of a scissor. It has two blades and a handle, only larger. But choosing the right shear for your garden can be a little confusing with the many options and features available in the market.

Looking at the design

A standard hedge shear comes with handles that are 10 to 15 cm long and longer blades. However, telescopic shears are also available for those who want to trim tall grasses and shrubs. Some shears are designed specifically for weak hands, for instance, for the elderly or people with arthritis or mobility issues. They will be more compact and may have a leverage mechanism for easy cuts and trims. The blades in hedge shears may be straight; more apt for cutting grass and softwood shrubs, or serrated; ideal for asymmetrical hedges and hardwood shrubs.

The weight and size of the equipment and its effects

The larger and heavier the shear is, the more tired you will be while and after a pruning session. Having said that, there may be times when one would need heavy and telescopic shears. Opting for sharp and sleek blades is necessary for such instances as they alleviate the strain caused. It is necessary to sharpen the blades regularly; thus, looking for removable blades for easy maintenance is advisable.  Generally, cushioned and shock-absorbing handles help reduce fatigue.

Features in check

Having a non-stick coating on the blades is often helpful in preventing any rust or gumming up. Wavy blades come in handy when you need great grip, for example, when trimming twigs and the like. However, they may not be easy to sharpen by yourself. There are also advanced hedge shears with a geared mechanism that allows for effortless cutting of large and hard foliage. But if you are searching for shears for a topiary garden, lighter and smaller shears are ideal.As hedge gears are equipment that is meant to stay for long, investing in a high-quality shear that suits your garden's needs is ideal. Replacement parts are generally available for them if you ever need additional maintenance than a regular sharpening.

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