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To have a healthy, thriving garden, it is important to not only take care of the plants meticulously but also to sow good seeds. The herbs will grow up healthy and robust and have better resistance to diseases. Hence, examine herb seeds before purchasing them.

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Herb Seeds Buying Guide

Gardening is a relaxing activity to engage in. No matter what your age is, the whole process of planting seeds and watching them grow up is satisfying and delightful; people who love to grow plants call themselves plant parents for a reason. It indeed is like parenting a child. Growing a healthy plant successfully brings immense joy. Gardening and spending time in nature, in general, is excellent for your mind and body. You give yourself a break from the endless rows of tall buildings and polluting cars on the streets, a few minutes far away from the madding crowd. Vegetables, flowers, you can grow whatever you want to; some dedicate themselves to herb gardens specifically. To ensure that your garden thrives, you must select good, healthy seeds.

Available varieties of herb seeds

Several varieties of herb seeds are often sold together. Keeping soil, weather, and general circumstances and preferences in mind, choose which varieties you want and how many. Sometimes, more than fifteen varieties of herb seeds are sold together. Entire sets are sold to help you cultivate fresh herbs and spice; make sure that the varieties have been mindfully selected. Note if the varieties of herbs being sold can be grown indoors or outdoors; see if it meets your requirements. Some brands also include pots, name tags, soil clippers, and instruction manuals with their sets of herb seeds.

Seeds of good quality

You must get herb seeds of good quality if you want your plants to be healthy. Many brands import seeds of premium quality; many declare that they are free from pesticides and genetic engineering. Make sure that the herb seeds are from well-known organic nurseries. If you are still doubtful, you can search for brands that test and germinate the seeds themselves before selling them. It will be better if you choose herb seeds with a higher rate of germination.

Is it beginner-friendly?

How skilled are you when it comes to gardening? Have you ever grown herbs before? Take your level of experience and knowledge into account while looking for kits of herb seeds. Some cater to experienced gardeners. If you are a beginner, specifically look for starter sets of herb seeds. They often come with herb growing guides as well.