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Like a garden cold frames that preserve plants and saplings from extreme weather, high tunnels also help plant safety. You can grow saplings in these high tunnels as an observation centre. You would be benefitted if you considered some factors before buying high tunnels, which are given below.

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High Tunnels Buying Guide

If you try to buy high tunnels online, you may be flooded with tons of results and products. It might promote more chaos and confusion in buying the right one. We have written this guide to help you buy the right high tunnel for your gardening needs. Let's get started.

The material used in construction

You may find a lot of materials used in high tunnel construction. You might mostly see the material like a green cloth in colour, and it is very lengthy. But, to enlarge your knowledge, let me tell you some other materials with which the high tunnels are made—clear PVC, polyethene, polyethene, mesh, netting cover, and more. All of these materials have different properties, including cost, installation, maintenance, and more. You can opt for the one that you prefer.

Size parameters to consider

The high tunnels are available in various lengths and sizes. The size varies from small tunnels to large ones inside, which we can walk and inspect. You can select the appropriate size depending on the size of your garden or your plants. When it comes to size, it includes height, length, and weight. The height and length vary differently to manufacturers. And the weight depends on the addition of extra materials. When there are many beams and rods in your tunnels, it can add to weight characteristics.

What else to consider?

After considering the essential features like height, length, and weight, we will focus on the additional features. As plants will be inside the high tunnels, you must examine the tunnels' UV resistant properties. Also, the high tunnels will be laid on the ground, making sure they are resistant to pests. If your high tunnels can't resist pests, then the safety of plants are at risk. So, examine these properties before buying. Also, examine the rods for corrosion-resistant. Make sure proper coating is given to rods from rusting. You can also find galvanised structures that prevent the system from damaging soon.

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